What is this?

simplytest.me helps you to find the module, theme or distribution that fits your needs.

It provides sandbox environments for testing the functionality of any project before even downloading it.

Simple, fast and for free!

How to use it?

  1. Start typing a project's name or enter a shortname directly.
  2. Choose your preferred version. Multiple versions of Drupal are supported.
  3. Hit the button (wait until your sandbox is ready) and test it!
  4. Your default username/password are admin/admin.

Encountered A Problem?

Please report any problems that you run into while using the service on drupal.org. Also general feedback or support requests are welcome.

Future Of Simplytest.Me

Join the conversation about the future of this service on drupal.org

Spread The Word

If you like the service please consider spreading the word and following me on twitter for updates about the project.